Success Tools

There is such a diverse selection of so-called “tools” available to people wanting to create wealth online that it can very confusing for most to know who to trust. Confusion and lack of guidance are often the biggest hurdles for anyone wanting to succeed online. We filter out the confusion, simplify everything, and provide you with the education and proven tools you need to get the results you want.

It begins with the way we teach. Each of us has a learning style that is most effective for us. Maybe you’re a Visual learner. Maybe you learn better through Verbal teaching or even Physical learning. Whatever style suits you best, it’s important to your continued success that you learn that way. We ensure that our curriculum is taught in all learning styles. From online video home study course to our interactive action steps, and of course the personal guidance of a Literati Instructor; all are here for you to make sure you progress and internalize what we teach you.

As mentioned, a Literati Instructor will be partnered with you on this journey you’re about to take. The most successful people in any industry had mentors to guide them, keep them on course, and provide the wisdom that can only be learned by experience. Your Literati Instructor will help you leap past the hurdles that hold back the majority of people new to the online business world. Your Instructor gives you the personalized and customized attention that you need. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to business. Success here requires a unique, customized approach that builds on your strengths and leverages the tools available to you. Your instructor will be the mentor that you need.

Getting more specific, we provide you with the tools that will get you results in every phase of your business, from research to launch to marketing and growing your customer base. We do this using the most effective tools in the industry.

1. Offer Builder Web Design Tools: Developing your website doesn’t need to be difficult, in fact we make it easy. The technology we use provides you with thousands of site designs and customizable templates to give you a starting point. Our Web Builder gives you limitless options to customize your website, edit it, and make it your own; including access to image galleries, the ability to add up to 500 unique web pages to your website and an ecommerce solution that supports up to 500 individual products. Whether your online strategy requires a simple site or a vast online store, our Web Design solution makes it simple.

2. Product Sourcing: We’ve partnered with the world’s leading drop shippers to give you access to up to 1.75 million products for just about every category you can think of! The beauty is that you don’t ever have to purchase inventory ever again. You can simply work with our offer builder tool that’s fully integrated an leverage our suppliers and have them drop ship the product to your customer automatically all at the guaranteed lowest product costs.

3. Facebook Store & eBay Listing Tool: Leverage the over 750 million Facebook users by creating a Facebook store front with just a few clicks with no programming needed. Also, list your products on eBay simply by using our listing tool and maximize your time and money with our automated tools!

4. Google Local Guaranteed Citations Program: Submissions to Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) is the foundation to any Google Maps rankings. These submissions are also called “Citations”. We will hand-submit to 50 IYPs so you can get at the top of the list on Google.

5. Contextual Links Programs: We will submit to our private network of websites ranging  from Pagerank 2 through 5. 2 keywords per program will help target rankings in Google and other leading search engines and we will send 100 hand-submitted contextual links to your site to get you to the top of the Google search engines and help with your site’s search engine optimization.


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