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“Peter Nguyen is the real deal. If it wasn’t for Peter’s advice, I would not have launched my own products and made as much as $350,000+ in just 24 hours. Any advice Peter gives you should be taken as pure gold and implemented immediately. He is flat out brilliant and understands how to make big money online.” 

- Gauher Chaudhry, www.gauherchaudhry.com  


“I went through countless other programs in the past and was left with so much disappointment. When I went through Advertiser360, there is NOTHING that even compares! Advertiser360 is the most comprehensive program out there! It has equipped me with the exact know-how and confidence to start my own online campaign! Thanks Peter!” 

-Mouy T., USA



“I have had the privilege to know Peter for a few years now and he’s helped me see the light when it comes to being an advertiser and managing affiliates! Using his system, I was able to generate 100% cost effective growth to my bottom line in just under a year!” 

-Greg G., Affiliate Manager, Midas Publications



“The most comprehensive, most detail-oriented, as well as overarching business strategy and program towards creating web-based campaigns or really expanding your current business online. I can’t say more glowing things about it!” 

- Bruce W., CEO, GroupTable.com


“Peter showed me the money and had me taking notes in less than 15 minutes. He showed me affiliate marketing from an advertiser’s prospective. Every question I threw at Peter came back with a meaningful answer. Where to get the product, how to get and, most importantly, keep the US merchant account from getting banned forever, how to deal with and prevent fraud, how to serve customers, how to deal and negotiate with affiliate networks, how to protect profits… A list of discussed subjects could go on and on and on…

Armed with knowledge I got from Peter – I’m aiming at making at least 3 times the money in 2011 compare to what I’ve made in 2010. There are good chances I may make 4 or even 5 times more. But, I’m being conservative for now…”
- Max V., Canada

“This is my first testimonial for someone in the Internet Marketing realm, I have not been able to write a testimonial, mainly because most of the products I’ve purchased, or speakers I’ve listened to are just rehashing other experts material.Peter Nguyen is very different. He spoke from the Advertiser’s point of view. Peter is extremely intelligent. His main objective was to give us hard, actionable steps in becoming a successful advertiser.I know that if Peter ever develops a product I will be in line to purchase it. Not just because he’s a mad genius on the cutting edge of Advertising, or because he’s one the most intelligent people I’ve met. I would purchase his product based solely on the fact that he genuinely cares about others…”
- Tom Lentsch, USA


“… Peter’s information was certainly an eye-opener! It really gave me a comprehensive 360 perspective on how Internet Marketing can be done. Peter’s simple, precise and exact information on how to become an advertiser with all the inside secrets was amazing! I cannot wait for the launch of his product! This first-hand information is step-by-step and all the tactics of business is something, which would be a game-changer and life changer.If you fail after taking with Peter’s information…you have no one except yourself to blame – for not taking action.”
- Kailas Desai, USA

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